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Sadly I don’t have the free time and energy to write this blog both in Hungarian and in English, so you have to use an online translation service to find out what I have written on you. 🙂 I haven’t badmouthed anyone yet, honest. 😀 As Google does not provide Hungarian to English translations (but they say they are working on it), I can only give you the link of this Hungarian site: .

Here, you have to click on the arrow, so “Magyar” should be on the left and “Angol” on the right. Next, paste the link of my blog (or any other Hungarian page) to the field indicated by http:// , and click on “Fordít“. The result will be far from perfect, some words are left untranslated, but according to Gilles, most of the original text will be understandable. (But somehow I doubt it would be an enjoyable experience…)  Also, if you click on any picture, you reach my Picasa webalbums, with all the photos I have taken so far.

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